VR Group - hallituksen toimintakertomus

Report by the Board of Directors

The comparative turnover of VR Group declined from the previous year, but the operating result improved. Turnover improved for VR Transpoint and VR Track, and passenger transport reached the levels of the previous year.

The group's turnover in 2014 was EUR 1,367.2 million (EUR 1,437.8 million in 2013). Comparability with the previous year is weakened by the sale of Corenet. The comparable turnover declined by 2.3 per cent from 2013.

The Group's turnover was EUR 90.4 (70.6) million and profit for the fiscal year was EUR 67.6 (65.3) million. Turnover of the fiscal year includes profits on the sale of property, whose impact on operating profit was EUR 23.9 (19.0) million. Operating profit excluding non-recurring items improved over 2013 mainly thanks to measures to improve efficiency.

  • The Group's comparable turnover fell 2.3 per cent
  • The Group's operating profit was EUR 90.4 (70.6) million
  • VR Group's Board proposes paying a dividend of EUR 100 million to the state
  • Turnover and profit in passenger traffic reflects a changed market situation
  • Operating profit and market share of VR Transpoint grew
  • VR Track considerably improved profitability