More tickets sold through self-service channels - VR is investing in digital services

VR has three self-service channels in passenger services:, VR Mobile and ticket machines. In December, these three channels accounted for 61.3 per cent of all ticket sales, a new record.

VR launched a new website in June 2014. The aim was to create a clear online site providing easy-to-use ticket purchasing functions and information on VR's tickets, services and travel opportunities. Because of its responsive format, the website is compatible with mobile applications, tablet computers and desk-top computers. The new website has been well received by customers because it is easier to use, whichever terminal they may have. During 2014, the website had about 1.1 million visitors each month.

Prompted by customer feedback, VR updated its Mobile service interface. As a result of the update and active marketing, the number of VR Mobile users rose to approximately 240,000 in 2014.

VR introduced a chat service in its Online Shop. The new service is intended for customers purchasing CarTrain tickets. The service has performed well and the decision has been taken to expand it in 2015. In December 2014, VR also launched an improved electronic ticket, which makes onboard ticket inspections easier. Customers can now present the ticket as an email message on a mobile phone or a tablet computer.