Purchase of new electric locomotives concluded

The year 2014 saw the conclusion of VR Group's biggest ever purchase.

The preparations for the purchase of the new electric locomotives began in 2010 and concluded in February 2014. VR Group will purchase a total of 80 new electric locomotives and the first one  will be put into service in 2017. The new locomotives will replace the Sr1 class electric locomotives, which were purchased in the 1970s.

Thorough preparations and cooperation between different units were key to a successful tendering process. Requirements of the different business divisions, work ergonomics and occupational safety factors were also considered in the purchase.

Energy-efficient solutions

Suitability to Finland's weather conditions, reliability and energy-efficiency were prime considerations in the purchase of the new locomotives. The new locomotives will feed the braking energy back to the power network. Other energy-efficient solutions include LED lighting and a new-generation control system allowing the minimisation of power consumption when the locomotive is in the park mode.

The locomotives will also have small diesel generators so that they can operate over short distances on non-electrified tracks. This helps to speed up the replacement of heavy diesel locomotives and will substantially increase the proportion of electric traction and reduce emissions.

The new electric locomotives will have a maximum speed of 200 km/h and a power output of 6.4 megawatt hours. The locomotives will be used in both passenger and freight traffic.