More responsible VR Group

VR Group’s key values are safety and responsibility.VR Group is an important actor in the Finnish society and responsibility is closely related to all activities of the Group.

Responsibility at VR Group covers five different themes. Responsibility means ensuring safety, customer satisfaction, workplace well-being, environmental friendliness and transparency in operations.

The most relevant points reported by VR Group arise from what major stakeholders expect of the company’s operations. In 2014, VR Group asked its personnel and external stakeholders to list the matters that are important for a responsible VR Group. More than 1,400 persons took part in the four-week long discussion and more than 1,600 new ideas were submitted. The survey allows VR Group to give more consideration to important stakeholders in its business operations. Read more at: VR Group as a responsible company.

One important viewpoint used to define relevance has been the VR Group strategy and matters that help the Group achieve its strategic objectives or have a significant financial impact.

During the year, VR Group took many steps to improve environmental friendliness. The most important of them is the purchase of the new electric locomotives, which was completed in February 2014. VR Group will purchase a total of 80 new electric locomotives and the first of them will be taken into service in 2017.

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines have been used as the reference framework for this report. In VR Group’s own assessment, the Group has applied the Core reporting guidelines. The 2014 report has not been verified.