VR Group - vastuullisuuden johtaminen

Corporate responsibility management

Corporate responsibility is part of the daily work at VR Group and it has been integrated into the overall Group strategy. VR Group takes into account its corporate responsibility when making strategic decisions.

The key values of our operations are the customer at the core of our operations, safety and responsibility, successful together, goal-orientedness and self-renewal. Especially the fact that the customer is at the core of our operations and that we carry out our work in a safe and responsible manner provide a basis for corporate responsibility work in VR Group.

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VR Group's management model

VR Group’s management model is based on an efficient structure in which the business operations are organized around customer groups. In order to meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders, we aim at seamless cooperation between the different Group companies, business units and corporate services. Corporate responsibility is an integral part of the management model and goal-oriented operations.

Corporate responsibility-related plans and measures are the responsibility of business divisions and units. Corporate responsibility is also emphasized through various campaigns, projects and training as well as through other ways of exerting influence.

The relevant corporate responsibility themes and the key indicators for them were determined in 2014. Defining relevance resulted in a matrix of the most essential corporate responsibility themes, which will be updated each year. The results of the relevance definition will also be considered in the strategy work.

Policies and principles

The policies and principles guiding corporate responsibility work in VR Group are set out in the descriptions of the management methods under each theme.

VR Group's Board of Directors approved the new ethical and anti-corruption guidelines in October 2014. Training based on the new guidelines will start during 2015.