Safety at work

We learn from mistakes

Even though we failed to achieve the targeted accident frequency rate, a great deal of work was carried out to learn from mistakes.

The year 2014 was characterised by positive developments in the field of occupational safety. For the first time, there were accident-free months in such sections as the logistics division.

Better reporting on accidents and occupational safety observations and better-quality investigations were the occupational safety themes in 2014. More active reporting on occupational safety observations was largely the result of extensive communications on the topic, training and campaigns encouraging personnel to make observations.

Reporting and observations also led to concrete development projects at group level. There was an increase in the use of personal protective equipment and safety footwear and clothing. Methods and equipment for radio-controlled shunting were developed.

Occupational safety information for personnel

There was focus on the development of expertise in the occupational safety organisation in such areas as workplace well-being and intoxicant use. Good practices were shared and the role of occupational safety actors in such areas as support for supervisors and personnel were clarified during a joint development and discussion event.

More frequent safety briefings and improved provision of information through monitors has also made personnel more aware of occupational safety matters, especially of issues concerning serious accidents and near misses.

The management has discussed safety matters on personnel evengts and unit-specific management safety reviews that were developed during the year and are now held more frequently.

There is extensive occupational safety cooperation between a large number of different actors. VR Group and corporate customers shared good safety practices and occupational safety at rail yards was improved by means of joint risk assessments.

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