VR Transpoint - a partner in transport to and from ports

Vapo Timber Oy introduced VR Transpoint’s new road-rail combination in May 2014. The new solution will ensure reliable deliveries of sawn timber and easy and cost-effective transport of the products to the largest seaports.

Vapo Timber, which operates in North Karelia, exports sawn timber to all parts of the world. VR Transpoint is responsible for transporting the products of Vapo Timber's sawmills in Lieksa and Nurmes to ports. The timber is transported in a flexible manner by rail or by road, depending on the size of the batch. Trains are used if the batch is at least 250 cubic metres. Smaller batches are transported by road.

There is considerable seasonal fluctuation in the amounts of sawn timber transported to ports, which requires flexible use of rolling stock and road vehicles. During the busiest periods in spring, one sawmill may ship between 5,000 and 6,000 cubic metres of sawn goods each week. In winter, the volumes are much smaller. Over the years, many different concepts have been used but Vapo Timber has found the rail-road combination to be the best transport solution for its current needs.

Flexible and efficient transport planning

In addition to the actual transportation, VR Transpoint is also responsible for transport planning for Vapo Timber. The aim is to make planning cost effective by combining batches within the limits set by timetables. Delivery times are kept as short as possible.

Shipping lines and orders determine the delivery timetables. Because the amounts transported vary, the number of trains required at different times of the year also varies. VR Transpoint and Vapo Timber work together to ensure the overall transport chain remains efficient.

Economic efficiency can be secured if the trains can be utilised to an adequate degree. In addition to ensuring economic efficiency, the use of trains also makes the loading process smoother. If everything was transported by road, the loads would have to be assembled in advance. In rail transport, the wagons can be loaded throughout the day, which completely eliminates one handling stage.