Rail safety

Continuous safety improvements

Focus on safe shunting produced results.

There was a substantial decrease in shunting-related deviations in 2014. There were no serious accidents in rail traffic.

The objective of rail safety is to ensure uninterrupted rail traffic and to prevent injuries to customers or personnel and damage to the environment or the company’s property.

Changes in regulations at EU and Finnish level prompted VR to update its management system

The rail safety management system is the instrument for steering, implementing and developing rail safety in the VR Group. The operations are reviewed and the system is updated on a regular basis.

The latest version of the management system, which became effective in late June 2014, included updates in guidelines, risk management and ensuring safety (self-monitoring). The updates were prompted by changes in domestic regulation and EU legislation.

The updated management system contains new provisions on matters such as traffic safety refresher training, which reflect changes in the organisation and in rail safety liabilities.