Getting there together

Customers are the key to the success of VR Group’s business operations. Ensuring customer satisfaction is an essential part of corporate responsibility.

For VR, responsibility means good customer service.

All three business divisions of VR Group are working to develop their operations so that they can provide their customers with better service. The aim of the Group is to provide high-quality and environmentally friendly services for customers of passenger services, logistics and infrastructure engineering.

During 2014, VR cooperated with its customers in the 'Long live train' campaign and a stakeholder questionnaire survey. VR Group will use the results to develop its operations and services. Read more about the 'Long live the train' campaign in thepassenger services section. Read more about the stakeholder questionnaire survey and its results in: VR Group as a responsible company.

Customers are closely involved in the development of services. In passenger services, an example of the interaction was the way in which the customers took part in the design of the DuettoPlus restaurant car. Read more about the processin.

In logistics services, it is essential to understand the needs and business of the customers. Planning services and the combination of modes of transport and additional services help to create new logistics solutions that support the customers' business operations. Go to the section on VR Group to read why Vapo Timber chose the rail-road combination.

Customer satisfaction is monitored in all business divisions of the Group. Read more in: