Passenger safety

Ensuring a safe journey

For rail passengers, rail safety means absence of accidents, safety at stations and a safe journey.

The safety of our passengers becomes a priority for us as soon as they enter the railway station and the platform area. Safety at stations and platforms is mostly the responsibility of the security personnel and guards employed by service providers who work in cooperation with train staff.

During the train journey, the train staff works to ensure that the journey is safe from the moment the passengers board the train until they get off. The staff has received training for all exceptional situations to ensure minimum inconvenience to passengers.

VR is developing special safety expertise and practices to ensure the maintenance of order

In addition to normal training, VR has also started training train staff for the Ring Rail Line. The Ring Rail Line is an 18 kilometre east-west rail line linking the Vantaankoski Line and the Helsinki-Riihimäki main line at Hiekkaharju station in Vantaa. It provides a rail link to Helsinki Airport. The Ring Rail Line has an eight kilometre long tunnel, the longest tunnel used by passenger trains in Finland, which requires special expertise in exceptional situations.

Passenger safety is being developed in cooperation with the Finnish Transport Agency by improving the maintenance of order at stations. In 2014, VR, the Finnish Transport Agency, HSL and the municipalities in which rail commuter services are provided started a joint control centre project. The new control centre will become operational in spring 2015.