Safety is a matter of pre-emptive action

VR Group granted safety awards to two employees in 2014.

Track machine operator Kari Kylmäaho and conductor Mauri Laakkonen received awards for important pre-emptive safety acts. In both cases, the alertness of the men prevented the derailment of a freight train.

Kylmäaho notified the traffic control of a freight wagon that was running unsteadily. When the wagon was checked, it was discovered that one of its suspension springs was broken. Laakkonen noticed a freight wagon that was clanking loudly. Checks revealed large cracks in the wheels of the wagon.

At VR Group, safety improvements are to a large extent based on pre-emptive safety work carried out every day. Understanding the role of safety and showing initiative are an important part of an independent safety culture.

According to Rauno Hammarberg, Chief Security Officer at VR Group, both employees noticed a defect that was not directly connected with the work they were performing at the time. In his view, this is an excellent example of pre-emptive action.